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The Greater Rural Opportunities for Women II (GROW2) Project is a women-focused project that has been established to increase the economic and social empowerment of Women Smallholder Farmers (WSHFs), entrepreneurs, and agribusinesses within the Northern Region. The project is being implemented by the Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA) in partnership with Key Facilitating Partners (KFPs) identified locally. The goal of the project is to; increase the economic and social empowerment of women smallholder farmers (WSHFs), entrepreneurs, and agribusinesses in Northern Ghana. This goal is to be achieved through the attainment of three major outcomes:

  • Improve business environments under which WSHFs, entrepreneurs and agribusinesses operate,
  • Increase adoption and use of environmentally sustainable farming and nutrition practices, and 
  • Promote the gender-equitable participation of women in decision-making.

The project will be implemented through a Market-systems approach, leveraging existing structures and developing new relationships that ensure access to products and services for WSHFs for economic and social empowerment. 

As a KFP, URBANET will be working with selected MMDAs within the Northern and some parts of the Savannah Region to mobilise WSHFs at the community level for project activities in the areas of nutrition, advocacy on land access, and Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI). Key among the activities are:

  • Mobilisation of Savings and Loan Groups (SLGs) and other project clients
  • Implementation of project interventions,
  • Advocacy, and 
  • Monitoring and impact measurements

DURATION: Five years (October 2021 to September 2026)

DONOR: Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Zone Of Influence (ZOI): Northern and Savannah Regions. (Tamale Metro, Savelugu Municipal, Nanton District, East Gonja, North-East Gonja, Central Gonja, and North Gonja)