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We are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of resilience and empowerment unfolding in the vibrant community of Kpaling, nestled within Savelugu. Here, women are spearheading a movement towards sustainable food solutions, igniting hope and change through their unwavering determination. Through the transformative support of the GROW 2 project, a collaborative effort between URBANET and MEDA Ghana, generously funded by Global Affairs Canada, these women have embarked on a profound journey, establishing Keyhole Gardens that yield an abundance of dry season vegetables right in their backyards.

Meet Nimatu Yussif, whose radiant smile mirrors the joy and fulfilment she finds in her Keyhole Garden. With newfound skills and resources, she’s one of the many women championing a positive change in the community, not just for herself, but for her entire community. Nimatu’s enthusiasm knows no bounds as she recounts the profound impact of her garden on her family’s daily life.

“This journey has been truly transformative,” shares Nimatu Yussif. “I am deeply grateful to URBANET and MEDA GROW2, as well as to Mr. Haruna and Tidoo, the Agricultural Extension Agent and Village Agent, for their exceptional dedication and assistance throughout the training process. Thanks to their support, these women have embarked on a profound journey, establishing Keyhole Gardens that yield an abundance of dry-season vegetables right in their backyards. Our Keyhole Garden has not only enabled us to achieve self-sufficiency but has also significantly reduced our household expenses. The availability of fresh, leafy vegetables right at our doorstep has alleviated the financial burden of sourcing scarce produce during this year’s dry season.”

Nimatu’s story echoes the resilience and determination of countless women in Kpaling, who are forging a path towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Each Keyhole Garden stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and the profound change that can blossom from empowerment and support.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of the women of Kpaling as they cultivate not just gardens but hope for resilience and a thriving future for generations to come. Together, let’s continue to sow the seeds of empowerment and nourish dreams into reality.

Monitoring and measuring the impact of projects on beneficiaries is imperative to ensuring their success. Ensuring that projects meet their set targets, and make a positive impact in communities and among beneficiaries is something project coordinators and officers under URBANET take keenly to every project.

The Greater Rural Opportunities for Women 2 (GROW2) project is one of the current projects with the most operational zones and components, which demand more effort in order to be successful. It is always a privilege to lead donors and partners to operational zones for monitoring, considering the proper execution by project officers in their places of operation.

This week, URBANET was honoured to host a field visit to the Zoggu community under the Nanton district by Dr. Pierre Kadet, the Regional Director of MEDA for the West Africa, Middle East, and North Africa (WAMENA) regions, Mr. Francis Essuman, the Project Manager for GROW2, and his team. The MEDA team engaged and interacted with the women smallholder farmers under the project, who were excited to share with them their experiences and the benefits they have enjoyed since the inception of the project.

Aside from the clients’ experience sharing engagement, the other highlight of the visit was a tour of the threshing centre owned by one of the women who were able to purchase a groundnut thresher and tricycle, thanks to the GROW2 project Price Discount Scheme (PDS). Many women within the district and other districts have shown great perseverance and a zeal to be economically empowered. They take advantage of every opportunity provided by the project to elevate themselves each time, a trait that was appreciated and commended by the MEDA team.

The GROW2 project’s primary focus is to alleviate poverty by providing economic and market solutions to women smallholder farmers within the two food crop value chains, soybeans, and groundnut. URBANET’s team is working tirelessly to ensure this goal is achieved successfully and is continually applauded for that.